Can I Be Your Dog?

Can I Be Your Dog?

Introduction Can I Be Your Dog?This image book gives the tale of Arfy, a wandering mutt who breathes in a box on a road. Arfy letters to everybody on Butternut Street about what a favourite pet he’d make. His letters to proposed owners share that he’s housebroken! He has his squeaky bone! He can learn […]

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party

Introduction Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party.It’s a function, a party, a classic pizza party!That’s what Pete considers as he piles the pie extraordinary with his favorite topping—pepperoni. But later, his compatriots come over and add their toppings to the pizza. Will Pete’s absolute pizza be ruined? There’s only one way to find […]

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Introduction Lost and Found. What is a guy to do when a missed penguin shows up at his gate? Find out anywhere it comes from, of course, and turn it. But the trip to the South Pole is long and involved in the boy’s dinghy. There are disturbances to brilliant and deep, nights. To pass […]

If You Take a Mouse to School

If You Take a Mouse to School

Introduction If You Take a Mouse to School. If you take a mouse to the school he will ask you to do every thing for you like for your lunch box for your notebook for your game for your school buss etc in fact he wants to do everything like you in the school he […]

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble Book Read Aloud

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble

Introduction Never Let a Unicorn Scribble.This story is regarding a small girl who holds a hearing, “Never let a unicorn scribble!” But in her soul accepts that personalities just don’t appreciate how wonderful scribbling can be. She stops trying to teach her unicorn to scribble but soon recognizes this is more complicated than she delayed. […]

Two Hungry Bears Book Read Aloud

Two Hungry Bears

Introduction Two Hungry Bears.Big Brown Bear and Little Bear get onward very strong. Little Bear picks the edges of their meals, and Big Brown Bear eats the middle till one day Little Bear awakens up feeling horribly hungry as prepares Big Brown Bear. What on earth has given them such greedy bears all of an […]

Tacky the Penguin Book Read Aloud

Tacky the Penguin

Introduction Tacky the Penguin. This is a story regarding a penguin nicknamed Tacky who is not at all anxious to be himself. His friends go regarding their daily habits in a systematic and thorough practice, but Tacky likes to do conditions in his own way, like marching shallow, advancing splashy cannonballs, and harmonizing to his […]

Bear Feels Sick Book Read Aloud

Bear Feels Sick

Introduction Bear Feels Sick,Dangerous weather endangers Bear, but his woodland partners are there to encourage him in this kind, encouraging Bear story from bestselling duo Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman!The sun is setting and it’s becoming chilly. When Bear’s friends realize that he is not the house in his lair, they move out into the […]

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear Book Read Aloud

Can't You Sleep Little Bear

Introduction Can’t You Sleep Little Bear. This story follows behind to my earliest remembrances of obtaining read to as a child. I remained scared of the dark, so my father would read this to me each night (seldom multiple times). I guess I can still describe it literally to this day! I liked the constant […]

How Tiger Got His Stripes Book Read Aloud

How Tiger Got His Stripes

Introduction How Tiger Got His Stripes. This entertaining folktale of Vietnam, retold by Rob Cleveland, says the story of Tiger, who lived once the most splendid animal of the forest. He was even more impressive than the peacock. Of course what Tiger was most impressive of was his beautiful golden skin. But predestinately for Tiger, […]