Dragons Love Tacos
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Dragons love tacos. They like chick tacos, meat tacos, large big tacos, and teeny small tacos. So if you desire to attract a group of dragons to your party, you should surely serve tacos. Cans and cans of tacos. Unhappily, anywhere there occur tacos, there is including salsa. And if a dragon randomly eats tasty salsa . . . oh, boy. You’re in extreme difficulty.
The award-winning team of Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri are also the authors of Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Hey kid, did you know that dragons love tacos? They love beef tacos and chicken tacos. They love really gigantic tacos, and teeny, little baby tacos as well.

Dragons Love Tacos

Why do dragons love tacos? Maybe it’s the smell from the sizzling pan, maybe it’s the crunch of the crispy tortillas, maybe it’s a secret.

Either way, if you want to make friends with dragons, tacos are key.

Hey dragon, why do you guys love tacos so much?

But wait. As much as dragons love tacos, they hate spicy salsa even more. They hate spicy green salsa and spicy red salsa. They hate spicy chunky salsa and spicy smooth salsa. If the salsa is spicy at all, dragons can’t stand it.

Why do dragons hate spicy salsa? Well, just one drop of hot sauce makes a Dragon’s ear smoke.

Just one single speck of hot pepper makes a dragon snort sparks. Spicy salsa give dragons the tummy troubles. And when dragons get the tummy troubles, oh boy.

If you want to make more tacos for dragons, keep the toppings mild. Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese. These are all good toppings for tacos for dragons.

Hey dragon, how do you feel about spicy taco toppings?

Dragons love parties. They like costume parties

and pool parties.

They like big, gigantic parties with accordions

and tiny, little parties with charades. Why do dragons love parties? Maybe it’s the conversation, maybe it’s the dancing, maybe it’s the comforting sound of a good friend’s laughter.

The only thing dragons love more than parties or tacos is taco parties. Taco parties are parties with lots of tacos. If you want to have some dragons over for a taco party, you’ll need buckets of tacos, pantloads of tacos. The best way to judge is to get a boat and fill the boat with tacos. That’s about how many tacos dragons need for a taco party. After all, dragons love tacos.

Hey dragon, are you excited for the big taco party?

But just remember, dragons hate spicy salsa. Before you host your taco party with dragons, get rid of all the spicy salsa. In fact, bury the spicy salsa in the backyard so that dragons can’t even find it.

these dragons love your taco party. They love the music, they love the decorations. They especially love the tacos. Congratulations.

It’s a good thing you got rid of all that spicy. Hey, wait a second. What are those little green things in the salsa? You didn’t read the fine print?

 no. It says totally mild salsa, but really small. It says now with spicy jalapeño peppers.

 dragons. Listen to me. Don’t eat those tacos. Those little green specks in the salsa, those are jalapeño peppers and they’re super spicy. I know you love tacos dragons, but you are not gonna love these tacos. Don’t let the dragons eat those tacos. Too late. Oh, man

Too late…..

Why would dragons help you rebuild your house? Maybe they’re good samaritans, maybe they feel bad for wrecking it, maybe they’re just in it for the taco breaks.

After all, dragons love tacos.

“Dragons Love Tacos” Book Read Aloud Youtube Video


So what conversation will you have with your child after reading this book?

Some questions you might like to ask are:

dragons hate from what?

They hate spicy salsa even more.

What are good toppings for tacos for dragons?

Tomatoes, lettuce, cheese.

Why would dragons help you rebuild your house?

Maybe they’re good samaritans, maybe they feel bad for wrecking it, maybe they’re just in it for the taco breaks. After all, dragons love tacos.

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