Grumpy Monkey
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Grumpy Monkey.An entertaining picture book regarding dealing with unexplained emotions and the danger in overcoming them!

Jim, the chimpanzee, is in a foul mood for no useful purpose. His friends can’t explain it—how can he be in a bad mood if it’s SUCH a lovely day? They inspire him not to hunch, to smirk, and to-do items that make them well. But Jim can’t know all the directions and has a BIT of a meltdown. Could it be that he wants a day to observe grumpily?

Suzanne, also Max Lang, brings excitement and fun to this vital lesson. This picture book is an outstanding case study on the risks of setting on a smiling face and demonstrates to kids that people are allowed to feel their feelings (though they should be concerned of hurting others in the process!

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang

One wonderful day Jim Panzee woke to discover that nothing was right. The sun was too bright. The sky was too blue and the bananas were too sweet.

Grumpy Monkey

Tim was confused. “What’s going on?” “Maybe you’re grumpy,” suggested Norman from next door. “I’m not grumpy,” Jim insisted.

Grumpy Monkey

On his walk, he met Marabou, “Jim’s grumpy,” Norman told me Marabou.”Why are you grumpy, Jim?” asked Marabou. “It’s such a wonderful day.” “Grumpy? Me? I’m not grumpy,” said Jim.

“But look how you’re standing,” Marabou said. “It’s true,” said Norman. “You’re all hunched.” So Jim loosened up.

Then he ran into Lemur. “Jim’s grumpy,” Norman told Lemur. “Why are you so grumpy Jim?” asked Lemur. “It’s such a wonderful, wonderful day?””Grumpy? Me? I’m not grumpy,” said Jim. “Well, look at your eyebrows. Yep. Yep. You look grumpy,” said Lemur. “It’s true,” said Norman. “You’re all bunched up.” So Jim raised his brow.

Then he tripped over snake. “Oh-oh,” said Norman. “That’s the last thing you need when you’re feeling so grumpy.” “Grumpy? Me? I’m not grumpy,” said Jim.

 “Then why the frowns,” said snake.

“I think it’s because he tripped over you,” Norman whispered to snake. So, Jim put on a smile.

Finally, Jim looked happy but he didn’t feel happy inside.

Everyone wanted Jim to enjoy this wonderful day. “You should sing with us,” said the birds. Jim didn’t feel like singing.

“You should swing with us. Come on, said the monkeys.” Jim didn’t feel like swinging.

“You should roll with us,” said the zebras. Jim didn’t feel like rolling.

 “You should stroll with us,” said the peacocks. Jim didn’t feel like strolling.

“You should lie in the grass.”

 “You should stomp your feet.”

“You should take a bath.” “And make a splash.” “You should hug someone.”

“You should laugh.” “You should jump take a nap.”

 “You should eat old meat.” “Or some honey.” “You should jump up and down like me.” “you should sit in the sun “

“You should dance.”

 But Jim didn’t feel like doing any of that. “Why are you so grumpy, Jim?” asked the others. “It’s such a wonderful day.”

 “I’m not grumpy,” shouted Jim as he beat his chest

 and he stormed off.

Jim felt sorry, a little sorry for shouting at everybody but mostly sorry for himself.

“I guess I am grumpy,” Jim sighed. And just as he was starting to feel really sad,

he came upon Norman. Norman was slumped. His eyebrows were bunched up and he was frowning. “What’s the matter? Are you grumpy?” asked Jim. “No. I danced with porcupine,” said Norman.

“Are you okay?” asked Jim. “Yeah, it hurts, but I’ll probably feel better soon enough,” said Norman. “Are you still grumpy?” “Yeah,” said Jim. “But I’ll probably feel better soon enough too. For now, I need to be grumpy.” “It’s a wonderful day to be grumpy,” said Norman. Jim agreed.

And he already felt a little bit better.

“Grumpy Monkey” Book Read Aloud Youtube Video


So what conversation will you have with your child after reading this book?

Some questions you might like to ask are:

When One wonderful day Jim Panzee woke how was the day?

The sun was too bright.

Everyone wanted what?

Everyone wanted Jim to enjoy this wonderful day.

Why Jim felt sorry?

Jim felt sorry, a little sorry for shouting at everybody but mostly sorry for himself.

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