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Supertato. Sue Hendra started up in Wimbledon and has ever loved preparing up stories and sketching pictures. Her popular book as a child was Mr Silly. She graduated from Brighton University in 1994 and owns been building design books ever since. In 2006 she met Paul Linnet and could immediately see that she’d met a fellow nitwit who loved talking foolishness. They went on to produce many bestselling albums together, operating in a small room in their home in Brighton. Sue likes floating, and can float up and down for a very lengthy time. Her popular book is still Mr Silly.

Supertato by Sue Hendra

Some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason. Don’t believe me? Then keep reading.

It was night-time in the supermarket and all was quiet. But crash, bang, something had escaped from the freezer. Something small and round and green. Something looking for trouble, big trouble.

“Help, help,” cried Carrot. “I’m stuck to the conveyor belt.”

“Aargh,” cried Broccoli. “Someone’s drawn on me face.”

“Hmmmmpff,” cried Cucumber.

Who was doing this? And was there anyone who could help these vegetables in distress?

“Supertato to the rescue.”

He used his super speed.

He used his super strength.

 He used a flannel and some soapy water

I know who’s behind this,” said Supertato. “There’s a pea on the loose.”

“Oh no, not a pea,” everybody gasped.

“Yes, a pea. Heh, heh, heh, heh. But I’m out of the freezer now, and I’m never going back. Mwah ha ha ha ha.” And the evil pea ran off to commit more terrible crimes.

“Time for a dip, little vegies. Heh heh hegh heh heh.”

“That’s enough,” shouted Supertato. He leapt towards the pea, but the pea popped out of his hands and vanished into thin air.

Supertato set out on a super search. He crept through the cakes,

checked the cheese,

and snuck up on the beans. Then something caught his eye.

“The game’s up,” yelled Supertato. Kerpow.

But pea bounced out of reach and onto a trolley. Supertato was just about to stop him with his super strength

when the trolley crashed

and he was thrown down into the icy depths of the freezer. Was this the end for Supertato? Gasp

 Not quite.

But the pea was off his trolley and lying in wait. “You’re finished, Supertato,” he shrieked. But Supertato summoned up all his strength

and ran for it.

The pea nearly had him at the beans

and closed in on him at the cheese.

He had him cornered at the cakes. “So much for Supertato,” screeched the pea. “You’re about to be mashed potato. Heh, heh, heh, heh.” Surely this was the end for Supertato

“Not today my friend,” said Supertato. “Gotcha.” “Mmmppfff,” said the pea. “Oh yes,” said Supertato. “I set my trap and you fell for it. Or should that be in it? Haha haha.” And then grinned a super grin.

Supertato had saved the day. “Take him away, ” he said. And the pea was marched back to the freezer where he belonged.”This jelly tastes of pea,” said Broccoli. And everybody laughed and cheered.So remember, folks

Some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason. Maybe you better go and check your freezer just in case there’s an escaped pea in your house.

“Supertato” Book Read Aloud Youtube Video


So what conversation will you have with your child after reading this book?

Some questions you might like to ask are:

Why Carrot cried?

cried Carrot. “I’m stuck to the conveyor belt.

How Supertato rescue?

He used his super speed. He used his super strength.

Why Some vegetables are frozen?

Some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason.

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