Too Much Glue
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Too Much Glue.Although Matty’s art teacher has advised him that too many glue never dries, Matty likes glue. After all, he and his father make oodles of glue designs at house. One day during art lesson, Matty discovers the whole bottles of glue, including the fun starts. With a squeeze also a plop, Matty flows a lake of glue before belly-flopping directly in the central and wins himself attached to the table. When Matty’s father appears at the class, instead of acting mad, he dedicates his son’s creativity and asks him a product of art. With active language and artwork and a wild, stupid plot, Too Much Glue is sure to request to all kids who love to get messy.

Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre

Our art teacher says, “Too much glue never dries. Remember that, kids.” She reminds us, “Glue raindrops, come on, not puddles!” And she warns me, “Matty, too much glue!”

But my dad and I love glue. At home, we make glue glasses, glue mustaches, and even glue bouncy balls. My mom’s happy to help.

So, during art class, I find the fullest bottles of glue. And I tip them over and squeeze. Glue squishes from the orange tips and slops all over. Sequins and googly eyes float around in a gluey lake. Then it’s time for the most important decoration…

“Geronimo!” I belly flop onto the table and roll around, letting the glue and everything else totally cover me.

“It’s time to go to the drawing rack,” I announce. But when I try to pull myself off the table, I boing right back down!”Too much glue, Matty! Too much glue !” my teacher squawks.This is bad. Oh, man.There’s only half an hour until the end of school and all I can do is lift my head, wave my hands, and wiggle my feet.The rest of me is a blucky stucky mess. “Can somebody help me?” I call.

While my teacher breathes into a paper bag, Noah shouts, “Hey, let’s lasso him.” “Good idea.” Izzy, Noah, and Owen get to work. Soon I’m roped from all sides like a rodeo pony. But when they try to pull me out… The lasso breaks, leaving colorful octopus-like tentacles everywhere. The glue is too strong, and now, I’m a clingy stringy, blucky stucky mess.

Kaboom! The tow truck explodes and plastic bricks rain all over. Now I’m a clicky bricky, clingy stringy, blucky stucky mess.

The school nurse bursts in and checks my temperature. “Let’s see, 98.6. Sorry. No fever. I cannot send you home early.” She dabs and pats me like I’m spilled juice, but the more she blots, the more the glue spreads. Soon I’m a melted mummy, clicky bricky, clingy stringy, blucky stucky mess.

Then the principal comes in. He takes one look at me, sticks a sticky note on my belly, and then leaves.Seeing my teacher huffing and puffing like a train gives me an idea. I whispered to Haley and Owen. The final bell rings and everyone freezes except for Owen and Haley.

“It’s the biggest one we could make,” they shouted, furiously flapping a huge paper fan at me.

Then, just as I’m thinking I’m gonna be a note-on-my-tummy, melted mummy, clicky bricky, clingy stringy, blucky stucky glue boy for the rest of my life, my plan works. Something my teacher said could never happen, happens: the glue dries! Yeah.But I’m still stuck, and now I hear footsteps. The door starts to open…

My father and some other carpool parents walk in. “Hey, Dad.” Dad comes closer and inspects me. Then he peels me off the table, glue, yarn, bricks, and all, and he spins me around . No one makes a sound. And Dad smiles, “Matty, you’re a masterpiece.” He holds me up for everyone to admire. My friends all cheer,


The car ride home is interesting.

Mom is speechless when Dad brings me into the house, but he knows what to do. “Well, kiddo,” Dad says, “some beautiful things only happen once, and this is one of those things.” He gently grips the dried glue in front of my neck and behind my collar — and he peels me open like a ripe banana!

Now, it’s Dad’s turn to glue and he seals up the sides of the me-shaped artwork. “I bet it would take all the glue in the art room to make a you-shaped work of art, right, Dad,” I say. Dad laughs. Then he glues a big magnet to the back of my project and he hangs it on the fridge.During dinner, we sneak peeks at my masterpiece. And after dinner…

We take the principal’s note very seriously. It says, from the desk of Elmer G. Stuckey, “Please encourage Matty to use tape instead of glue.”

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So what conversation will you have with your child after reading this book?

Some questions you might like to ask are:

What says Our art teacher says?

Our art teacher says, “Too much glue never dries.

What we makes at home?

 At home, we make glue glasses, glue mustaches, and even glue bouncy balls.

What was my temperature?

My Temperature was 98.6.

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