Two Hungry Bears
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Two Hungry Bears.Big Brown Bear and Little Bear get onward very strong. Little Bear picks the edges of their meals, and Big Brown Bear eats the middle till one day Little Bear awakens up feeling horribly hungry as prepares Big Brown Bear. What on earth has given them such greedy bears all of an unexpected.

Two Hungry Bears by Linda Jane Cornwell, Jane Chapman

 Big Brown Bear and Little Bear shared a den. They shared each other’s company

Two Hungry Bears

and they shared each other’s food. Little Bear nibbled the edges and Big Brown Bear munched up the middles. In this way they got along very well

But one very bright autumn day, Little Bear woke up feeling extra hungry and Big Brown Bear woke up feeling monstrously hungry.”I’ll buy some food for both of us,” said Little Bear. “That’s very kind of you, Little Bear,” answered Big Brown Bear sleepily and he crept right back to bed. Little Bear went out shopping and bought some things to take back to Big Brown Bear, but she found she was so hungry

that she ate everything straight away, pies and pastries, and peanuts, and chocolates, and cheeses, and cakes from sides to middles, middles to sides, and back again.

 Meanwhile, Big Brown Bear’s tummy was rumbling so loudly that the walls of the cave began to shake. “I’ve been thinking,” said Big Brown Bear, “perhaps I should be out shopping for Little Bear.” So off he went with his big bag,

but when he had filled it right up, he was so hungry that he found he could not wait. He began by munching just the middles. But then he set to work on sausages, strawberries, and sandwiches, not to mention tangerines and toffee, and tarts.

And hamburgers and custard, and spaghetti, and soup, and pizzas, and salad, and tomatoes, and corn, and one small grape.

Big Brown Bear ate tops, bottom, sides, and middles. There was just no stopping him, but when he had finished eating, he began to feel very, very full and very, very guilty. He had left nothing for Little Bear. Uh-oh.

Big Brown Bear staggered back home where Little Bear was waiting patiently for him. “Did you find any nice middles to munch,” Little Bear asked him. “I can see that you did,” she thought to herself. Big Brown Bear could only nod his head. “Did you come across any tasty edges to nibble,” asked Big Brown Bear. “It certainly looks as though you might have,” he thought to himself.

Then they sat down together. “I saved you half of a cracker,” said Big Brown Bear. “It still has four edges to nibble.” “I saved you three quarters of a banana,” said Little Bear. “It’s all middle with no edges at all.”

After a while Big Brown Bear yawned. “I think I’ll skip supper,” he said. “I’m feeling a little too tired.” “An early night will do us both good,” agreed Little Bear. They spent a very long time brushing their teeth before Big Brown Bear snuggled into his bed and Little Bear crept quietly into hers. “Let’s collect the food together tomorrow,” yawned Big Brown Bear. But tomorrow was a long, long time away because

Big Brown Bear and Little Bear slept with their tummies nicely full all through the winter until spring.

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So what conversation will you have with your child after reading this book?

Some questions you might like to ask are:

Big Brown Bear and Little Bear shared ?

They shared a den.

What sad little bear to big brown bear?

“I’ll buy some food for both of us,”

 They spent how many time brushing their teeth?

They spent a very long time brushing their teeth.

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