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Windows is an uplifting story of how humanity has pulled together during the Coronavirus pandemic. Written from Patrick’s own experience of having to leave the family home due to his son’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Windows shows how five kids from different parts of the world connect and draw strength from their communities from behind the safety of their own windows. Heartwarming, hopeful and surprisingly funny, Windows will resonate with families all over the world and become a valuable time capsule of what life was like in 2020. These notes have been created for teachers and families to guide conversations in relation to this extended period of isolation, and promote positive feelings of hope during a difficult period in time.

Windows by Patrick Guest
& Jonathan Bentley

Out the window, I can see a new world looking back at me.

The streets are still, there are no more crowds. I guess I’ll just enjoy the clouds.

There goes one that’s bringing rain, there goes one like a steam train.

A pirate ship goes sailing by, a dinosaur fills half the sky.

But wait, people are out there, too! I can see Mikayla and Abu.

A friendly postman down below climbs a tree and shouts, “HELLO!”

A fire truck gives me a toot, Giuseppe’s mamma plays the flute.

Kiyoshi smiles and waves his coat, Akira leaves a lovely note.

In different windows everywhere, I see rainbows and teddy bears.

But who’s that tapping on the glass? Is it a ghost that’s floating past? And what’s that growling noise I heard? Is it a beast, or just a bird?

I think I’d better close the curtain until I know I’m safe for certain. But when I pull the curtain loose …

I see my pop being a goose! He pulls a face and does a jig, he blows and makes his mouth look big. He spins around and flaps his wings, and then he comes up close and sings …

‘I’d love to give you all a hug. I’d love to squash this silly bug. But just for now I’ll keep away, until the lovely, happy day, when all the world can dance and kiss …

And hug the ones we really miss.’

Windows Book Read Aloud YouTube Video


So what conversation will you have with your child after reading this book?

Some questions you might like to ask are:

When people were out there, what he can see?

Mikayla and Abu

What friendly postman Said when he climbs a tree?


The Story is written by?

Patrick Guest & Jonathan Bentley

What other conversations or questions might you add? Please leave a comment below.

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